Collectible Teapots for the Tea Experience

Many people started a teapot collection back when they were a child, and are still adding to it today. Teapots are one of the most popular collectibles, maybe because there are so many different kinds and types of them.

And, every sort of teapot is considered collectible by someone, be it a child with her Porcelain teapot little teapot that is shaped like the candy house in the story of Hansel and Gretel, or the erudite historian with his Japanese Tetsubin teapot from the 19th century that is worth a small fortune.

Most of the time, the casual teapot collector is not overly concerned with how old a teapot may be. It could be vintage, or it could have been purchased last week. What a collector looks for is how the teapot makes him feel. A teapot can have as much character as a human, or a dog or cat.

Ask any collector who has been in the hobby for a while, and they will tell you of the times that certain teapots seemed to be speaking to them, almost asking to be taken home and added to their collections. Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but once you have slipped into the wide and wonderful world of teapots, perhaps you will understand a little better.

You’d be very surprised at all of the different types of teapots that have been and are still being made. If you have just started to think about building your own teapot collection, then you will want to do a little research so you can see just what is out there and collectible. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as a price guide for collectible teapot, just as there are guides for coins and stamps, the more usual sort of collectibles.

See if you can find one of the teapot guides, and take the time to look through it. You’ll not only get a good overview of all the different types of teapots there are, but you’ll also get an idea of the different themes teapots come in.

By themes, I mean groups of like teapots. For example, there are Animal teapots such as dogs, cats, chickens, sheep, cows, rabbits, etc. You have many cartoon character teapots like Superman, Mickey Mouse, Garfield the cat, Popeye the Sailor Man, Winnie the Pooh, and a host of others. How about the large variety in the group of vehicle teapots? There are teapots shaped like trains, planes, and automobiles, buses, boats, and taxicabs, and several others.

And, don’t forget the human figure teapots! You can find teapots made like men, women, children, movie stars, U. S. Presidents, other political figures, and historical figures as well. Then, there are the food teapots, the flower teapots, and the teapots that are made like famous buildings, homes, famous places and things. And, all of these varieties are just the icing on the cake!

There are so many different types of teapots for you to collect that it boggles the mind! That’s why you really need to choose just one theme to collect – for starters, anyway. Once you’ve been bitten by the teapot bug, it will be really hard for you to stick with only one theme. You will always see another teapot that appeals to you… then another… and another… and before you know it, you have devoted an entire room in your house to your teapot collection!

So, where do you start looking for a few teapots to begin your collection? There are several places online that have teapots for sale, as well as auction sites where you can bid on your favorite teapots, auction style.

Remember that teapots can be new or old, cheap or expensive, or somewhere in between – and still be considered as a collectible item. It might be a good idea for you to watch the teapots that are being auctioned for a week or two before actually bidding on one or more of them. By doing this, you can get a feel for what other people are paying for certain types of teapots, and will be better able to judge the amount that you should bid.

Once you have purchased a few teapots, of course you are going to want to display them somewhere in your home where you can admire them, and your guests will be able to see them, too. Many people use special glass fronted cabinets so that the teapots are protected from both dust and breakage, but can still be seen. Or, if you want, you could arrange your teapots in groups around different areas of your home, and let the colors and shapes speak for themselves. It’s even okay for you to actually use your teapots for a party or other get together if you like! A collection is meant to be enjoyed – not always closed away behind glass and not touched except to be cleaned.

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